In this section we are bringing you most topical issues and news related to the SET Plan - Central European Energy Conference 2016 and energy policy and energy security in general.

Electric vehicles bring down emissions, but also modernise the European economy.

Poland wants to take an agreement from the EU Council to the court.

Oil demand growth is driven by transport. In the long term, mobility will be increasingly powered by electricity.

The new American administration can have a chilling effect on climate negotiations.

At the helm of the EU, Bratislava dealt with several pending climate and energy dossiers.

Green energies need investment, standardized storage solutions and smart grids.

In the last three years, Horizon 2020 will allocate €2 billion to decarbonizing buildings, renewables, storage solutions and electromobility.

The European Commission fears that capacity mechanisms would just translate into subsidies for coal power plants. Therefore, installations exceeding emission limits should not take part in support schemes, according to a proposal under the Energy Union’s Winter Package. EurActiv Czech Republic reports.

Our media partner has prepared an issue of the „EurActiv Special“ dedicated to the conference SET Plan 2016 – CEEC X. Read their articles in Slovak. English version of the report will be released in January 2017.

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